Aimm Legal Information - Terms and Conditions:

All Aimm system hardware, software and services are provided under the following Terms and Conditions.  

 --- If these are not acceptable you must immediately cease using the system and advise us.   

--- By using your password to access this website, making use of any of the data produced by the Aimm system, paying any invoice for services provided by Aimm, or continuing to use the system in any way you indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Condition.   


  • 'Aimm' means a trading division of Aerodrome IT Systems Ltd.
  • 'Aerodrome' means an Aerodrome, Airport, Airfield, Heliport, Flying School, Club, Owners Syndicate or any other entity providing goods and services to aviators.
  • 'Pilot' means a Pilot, Aircraft Operator or any other entity that incurs Aviation related costs.
  • 'Movement' means an Aircraft Landing, Takeoff, Touch and Go, Approach and Go Around, Parking fee, Subscription, Rental or any other goods or services charged to a Pilot by an Aerodrome.


Aimm is appointed by its client aerodromes to collect data on airspace activity and aircraft movements on their behalf, by recording radio calls, images of aircraft movements, direct observation and other methods, to monitor airspace events and movements in order to provide information to the level required by each client. Aerodromes typically use this for maintenance and improvement management, and for reporting to Environmental, Operating Consent, Local Authority, Civil Aviation Authorities, Incident Investigation, Assisting with Search and Rescue events and Billing of movements. Camera / radio / computer equiment for this purpose is leased or owned by the aerodrome operator, under their control, and located on their premises.


Authorised Aerodrome personel or Aimm personel are able to enter aircraft registrations with time of movement, but cannot view the aircraft operator names or addresses unless they are directly involved with producing invoices to send to pilots. Aimm personel are bound by contractural obligations of secrecy.


Aimm makes no judgement as to the correctness or reasonableness of any movement fee specified by an aerodrome, and makes no warranty as to the fitness for use of any aerodrome.  Aimm makes no warranty as to fitness for purpose of the software or any hardware supplied by it. If any programming or operational errors, or hardware faults, are detected within 12 months of initial supply, and these are advised to Aimm with sufficient information to reproduce the fault, then Aimm will use its best efforts to promptly correct the fault, modify its operational procedures, and/or send the corrected software/hardware to the user at no charge.   Aimm will use good methods to protect against viruses and malware, but does not warrent that it will always be virus and malware free.   Planned outages for maintenance or in case of failure will be advised when possible, but this is not guaranteed.


Aimm has robust system monitoring, data collection and retention methods, however no liability arising from error, loss or corruption of data will be accepted by Aimm. It is a condition of use of Aimm that there will be no compensation to any party for any losses that might occur as a result of faults in any part of the Aimm system or its services, and that should compensation be awarded to any party in any forum, that this will be limited to no more than the total of fees paid by the affected party to Aimm for its services in the preceeding twelve months. 


Aimm uses a secure server with encrypted data transfer, and uses good I.T. Industry practices for security and confidentiality of data. Data is deleted immediately there is no longer a need for it to be retained. Aimm will not pass to any third party any email address or other information that enables an individual pilot, flight, movement, aircraft or aerodrome to be identified, and will not use the information it holds for any purposes other than for operations of its own system, for assisting Aerodromes to manage their reporting requirements and debtors, and on rare occasions to assist with Incident Investigation, Search and Rescue or other officially sanctioned purposes.


These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. Any changes will be incorporated into these Terms & Conditions posted on this webpage, and available by request.


Harvey Lockie,  Aimm System Operator.