Comments from Aimm Clients

Any prospective user of Aimm is welcome to ask for contact details of the client who made one or more of these comments, so that they can contact them for more information.   In recent times,  the archived radio calls are increasingly being used for 'Health and Safety' to identify the cause of incidents and how  to prevent them recurring.

  • Airport Manager asking for a certified transcript of the radio calls after a serious loss-of-separation (near miss) incident over the airport,  
    "...   The pilots involved had significantly different recollections of the radio discussions between them before and during the incident.   Aimm's recordings of the raw radio calls made clear what had actually happened.   Without those recordings the cause would have been unknown, leading to expensive changes to the Airport procedures that would not have prevented a recurrance.   With the cause known the prevention method was simple, and obvious.   Aimm is now considered an essential part of the Airport's Health & Safety infrastructure."
    (ref sdppi  12dec16)


  • Airport Manager afteroon a runway incursion incident, asking to hear the radio calls for the period.   These were fetched from the archive, listened to, and the Manager told how to access the raw radio calls any time.   The cause of the incident was obvious from the calls. 
    "... Brilliant, thanks..."  
    (ref dhhk 04apr17)


  • Airport Manager soon after changing from another system to Aimm
    ".. Councillors love the [Dashboard] reports, and this saves me time not having to generate them.   Very quickly the data showed  who were the big users .... the results were surprising.   [Importing the billing report directly into our existing billing system to]  invoice in-house resulted in a higher collection rate and reduced time..."
    (ref jo-AAA-23nov16)
  • Airport's Staff Member who does the playback and entry of their radio calls, soon after changing to Aimm from another recording and billing system
    ".. I really like the way you can record take-offs and landings, and that you can see what you are working on as you do it this makes the system far more accurate than our previous one...     For me the call filter is the best thing, as I now only have to listen to valid calls, which saves a lot of time....     I like the website it is quite user friendly, and it good to have that summary page so you can see how the month is looking...."
    (ref sug-04may16)
  • Airport Manager at time of enhancements to the monthly 'Dashboard' report for Aimm Lite clients:
    "I am pleased with the [extra] info, which provides hard data for discussions ... I will let you know if there is anything else we would like to see which you could possibly do, but really the size breakdown, number of calls, and runway useage is good stuff. Many thanks." (ref BB 03feb15)
  • Airfield Owner also at time of Aimm Lite enhancement:
    "I liked the breakdown of call for takeoff of landing vs the TnGo data ... and re busiest day too, both day of the week and specific date and the convenience of having the total calls averaged, although in our case being an MBZ, it probably does not tell us how many actual aircraft were using the airspace." (ref DE 01feb15)
  • Management Accountant at Council Airport
    "Good afternoon, Thanks for the [Dashboard] report. It is really great - so much so that our group manager and the airport manager wants to get the monthly copy of this dashboard report. However, they do not want to have the other reports eg remittance , invoicing. Is it possible that we can automatically have sent them to have the dashboard report?"
    [Yes, the emails for 'accounts' and 'reports' are specified separately]. (ref PA 10nov14)
  • Systems Accountant at Council Airport.
    "AIMM is a big improvement on what we were doing previously and I'm keen to maximize its potential for [the Council]." (ref SE 08Aug14)
  • Airport experiencing unauthorised night time 'Touch and Goes'.
    "Thank you, the information helped us to track down the pilots and have a chat to them regarding the new times for circuit training. All good and should no longer be a problem for the Mayor. :) "
    [Annoyed residents phoned the Mayor at home during the night. He wanted this sorted out a.s.a.p.] (ref BG-24dec13)
  • Finance Manager at Aerodrome.
    " That's perfect! Have a good weekend."
    [Finance Manager having asked for a report showing exact numbers of all movements, and 'movements with a stop' for the previous financial year at one of their aerodromes.] (ref DP 27jul14)
  • Accounts person at Privately owned Airport.
    "Very smooth... Xero finds the debtor if already known, and seamlessly creates a new one with all the name/address postcode etc correctly done if not known, and without us having to do a thing ... "
    [after getting the first monthly file in the special 'Xero' format to import directly so they could send out Landing Fee invoices.] (ref CH... 08sep14)
  • Noise complaint at private airfield.
    "Thanks for the prompt response, we would have had escalation of a complaint from a very aggrieved local resident if you had not been able to identify that the flight was a rescue aircraft involved in searching for a child in the river... the complainant immediately dropped their complaint."
    (Airport Manager at a privately owned aerodrome. Ref SDPL-17Feb13)
  • Council importing Landing Fee invoices directly into their invoicing system for the first time.
    "Thanks for that. Yes Seth informs me the import went really well - we just need to sort out our process for pilots who paid by cash in the airport drop box!"
    Senior Commercial Operations Officer (ref MAR... 08sep14)
  • Trust operated Airport during annual negotiation of bulk annual fees. "With proof of the level of usage by our local Flying School we were able to negotiate an appropriate fee increase." (ref BX-03apr13)
  • Private owned aerodrome applying for a Govt grant.
    "We got the grant!. Aimm's detailed reports provided the evidence we needed to support our application." (ref GB-21oct13)
  • Airfield with heavy restrictions on usage
    "The 'record only' [Aimm-Lite] system provides everything we need to be able to show compliance with our operating consents..." (Manager of private airfield. Ref KE-12mar13).
  • Aerodrome with yearly bulk fees for Flying Schools.
    "Thanks for sending that through. The flight movements have doubled .... It certainly shows how busy they're getting out there with the flight schools."
    (Business Support Officer at Council. ref GE-09oct14)