Reported movements increased substantially when we put in Aimm, some was due to growth but really most of the increase was because our previous method had been missing so many.    [Later]   Funding for our new terminal was approved to handle the increased movements.

New Airport user Manager

FYI we are going to Environment Court for an appeal on the District Plan as it relates to the XXXX airstrip. The AIMM data has been excellent and proven a very sound decision to install

Environment Court Challenge

After receiving the first monthly report, and looking at the Top 10 users of the airport: '... our first month's Dashboard report revealed that there were regular users of the airport who we'd never heard of before ... we had to Google them to see who they are

New User

We got the grant! With proof of the how busy we are now, our development project got moved up the list

New Airport user Manager

After a runway incursion incident, asking to hear the radio calls for the period. These were fetched from the archive, listened to, and the Manager told how to access the raw radio calls any time. The cause of the incident was obvious from the calls.

Airport Manager

Councillors love the [Dashboard] reports, and this saves me time not having to generate them. Very quickly the data showed who were the big users .... the results were surprising. [Importing the billing report directly into our existing billing system to] invoice in-house resulted in a higher collection rate, reduced time and substantially reduced costs

Airport Manager

[Airport that chooses to have their own staff transcribing the Voice Calls]   I really like the way you can record take-offs and landings, and that you can see what you are working on as you do it ... this makes the system far more accurate than our previous one... For me the call filter is the best thing, as I now only have to listen to valid calls, which saves a lot of time.... I like the website, it is quite user friendly, and it good to have that summary page so you can see how the month is looking

Airport's Staff Member

I am pleased with the [extra] info, which provides hard data for discussions ... I will let you know if there is anything else we would like to see which you could possibly do, but really the size breakdown, number of calls, and runway useage is good stuff. Many thanks.

Airport Manager

I liked the breakdown of call for Takeoff and Landing vs the TnGo data ... and re busiest day too, both day of the week and specific date and the convenience of having the total calls averaged, although in our case being an MBZ, it probably does not tell us how many actual aircraft were using the airspace.

Airfield Owner

AIMM is a big improvement on what we were doing previously and I'm keen to maximize its potential for [the Council].

Systems Accountant

An aggrieved neighbour rang to complain about a plane flying up and down the river at low altitude. I was able to listen to the Voice calls from the last half hour and get back quickly to advise the neighbour that it was a Coastguard Aircraft searching for a child who had fallen into the river. The complainant apologised and dropped their complaint.   Before we had Aimm this complaint would have escalated before we could resolve it, the complainant was very aggrieved when she first called.

Airport Manager
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