There are two type of webinar that are held regularly:  'Basic Airport Supervision' and 'Management Insights'.
Any Airport / Council Officer is welcome to attend by Zoom, whether an existing Aimm Client or not.  There is no-charge.

'Basic Airport Supervision' Webinars:

Many Council owned airports / airfields are too small to have a full time manager, and the responsibility of supervising them falls to the Council Properties Officer and Health-and-Safety Officer.

These officers do not need to carry out the essential airport tasks themselves, but they do need to make sure that someone competent is carrying them out, so that the facility remains safe for aviation purposes.  And in compliance with the various Aviation, and Health and Safety regulations. 

To help with this, Aimm has regular 'Basic Airport Supervision' webinars for Council Officers.   These take around 30 minutes followed by time for questions, and cover the basics that the Officers need to be aware of.   The webinars will not give all the answers, but they do tell the Officers the most important questions they need to ask, and suggestions on where to find the answers.

 To be advised of future webinars, email    [email protected]   with the email addresses of those interested in attending.

'Management Insights' Webinars:

Aimm Client Airports receive a 'Dashboard Report' each month, which highlights the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to easily identify when something is unusual or has changed...   e.g. a substantial increase in helicopters, or in night flying in the area even if it does not directly involve the airport.   This alerts the supervisor / manager to developing opportunities or challenges in time to manage them effectively, and take 'all practicable steps' to ensure continuing safety.    Or reassures them that operations are proceding normally, with no surprises. 

The financial KPIs often identify situations where the the airport is cross subsidising the Council's Economic Development organisation and an annual grant is appropriate... eg an Airshow brings $1m worth of economic activity to the area at a cost of $50k to the airport.    Similarly with a Flying School or Passenger operation attracted by reduced landing fees. 

This webinar explains how to get the maximum benefit from the 'Dashboard Report', and takes around 30 minutes followed by time for questions. 

 To be advised of future webinars, email    [email protected]   with the email addresses of those interested in attending.

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