About Us

The Aimm developers, the Lockie family, own and operate an airport that has a mix of Commercial and G.A. Operations.   They have a software background, having developed Health Industry software engines that are used under various names by Corum Health (Australia), Boots the Chemist (UK) and Rx One (NZ) and others for a total of around 4000 sites, some since 1985.   So it was natural for them to develop various pieces of software to make it easier to run their own Airport operations, and make these available to other airports.

There are two major products:    'Airside Personnel Tracker' and 'Aircraft Movement Monitoring'.

AIRSIDE TRACKER:     Monitors and reports Staff / Contractor Personnel locations when they are airside at the Airport, whether they are in a vehicle or on foot.    

AIRCRAFT MOVEMENT MONITORING:    'Aimm' (Automated Intelligent Movement Management), monitors and Reports Aircraft Takeoffs and Landings automatically off ADSB, and Voice radio call transcription.   

These systems draw on the developers' long history in computer Data Analytics (extracting the meaning from raw computer data) and analysis of patterns in data, to have the computers themselves carry out much of the background work,  to enable Aimm to handle the monitoring, reporting, health-and-safety defence evidence, and landing billing efficiently in real time.


With a background in Health IT, considerable emphasis is placed on privacy, data security, and system continuity of operation.