The Aimm developers are Airport Owners too. The Lockie family have owned and operated West Auckland Airport Parakai, a busy sky diving and recreational airport, since 2005. The airport business has a mix of commercial, tourism, and general aviation operations. As Airport directors, the Aimm leadership team are acutely aware of the unique responsibilities and challenges of running an airport. Coming from a software development background, it was a natural step to develop software to make it easier to run their own Airport operations, and then make this software available to other aerodromes.


Using their combined experience, they founded and developed Aimm, an airport management system offering airport movement monitoring, statistical analysis and compliance, leveraging the power of 'the Cloud' and the latest technologies for audio and ADS-B aircraft tracking.


Our team:




Carreen Lockie (with Harvey Lockie) founded Lockie Computing in the 1980s. Carreen with the role of Business & Marketing Manager and Harvey concentrating on programming and setting up new systems. 

From there, the business evolved, gradually adding extra programming and support staff, and in 1999, with a new business partner, they became HealthSoft Ltd. The sale of software to Boots the Chemist (UK), led to the purchase of West Auckland Airport, Parakai where Carreen is on the board of directors. The three Lockie sons joined as Directors and together helped grow West Auckland Airport Parakai to a thriving commercial and recreational airport.  The Lockies worked together to develop the Aimm Airport management software, Carreen again taking part in the management and marketing.


Harvey Lockie is a pilot and Senior Flight Instructor and has been flying since 1986.   Harvey has a software development background, having developed Health Industry software engines, initially for Lockie Computers and HealthSoft in Australia and NZ, now used under various names used by Corum Health (Australia), Boots the Chemist (UK) and Rx One (NZ) and others for a total of around 4000 sites, some since 1985.  Now semi-retired Harvey helped develop the Aimm software and is Aimm's System Operator.  He also assists with the running of Aimm and the airport.


Simon Lockie is an airport management specialist with hands-on real world experience. He manages two Airports, is a director of West Auckland Airport, Parakai and is the senior advisor for Lockie Airport Management providing regular consultancy services to airports. Simon has helped many airports manage a range of growth and development projects making improvements over this time, resulting in many lessons learned. This has instilled a passion for helping other airports meet their potential through pragmatic solutions. Simon is also a pilot and qualified flight instructor who used to own his own flight school giving him further insight into the needs of pilots and airfields.


Bryn Lockie is a licenced Aircraft Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in Aircraft Maintenance, Certification and Compliance. His Aircraft engineering company, Leading Edge Aviation, is based at West Auckland Airport Parakai where he also supplies and services BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute Systems throughout Australia and New Zealand. Bryn manages the day-to-day technical operations  of the Aimm system for client Airports. Bryn is also a pilot and Flight Instructor, and conducts flight tests on aircraft after servicing or major repairs and modifications.


Tim Lockie is an IT professional with wide experience in security of on-line systems.   He was the  Aimm Chief Technology Officer during the establishment stage of setting up Aimm, ensuring the security of our Aimm systems. Tim is on the Board of Directors of both companies and maintains an active interest in the Aviation industry as a qualified Helicopter pilot and Commercial Fixed wing  licence holder.


As well as the Directors, we have a team behind the scenes with a range of expertise. From our transcribers who diligently record and translate audio calls, to our experts in IT security who have made sure the Aimm IT systems and website are robust. Our technical support team who know our Aimm systems inside out and can help with enquiries by email or phone. 


Check out more info about our team on our LinkedIn Page.




Sales & General Information Enquiries


Bryn Lockie or Harvey Lockie


(03) 9020 8148 extn 7 or 8

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New Zealand

Bryn Lockie or Harvey Lockie

09 972 2650 extn 7 or 8

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Other Countries

Email [email protected] with your phone number and preferred time for us to phone you.



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