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COLLECTING Landing Fees...

Aimm automatically detects the movements at an airport using ADSB for most aircraft, and Pilot Voice calls only need transcribing for the remainder.   This greatly reduces the cost of Movement Detection.  It produces a monthly invoice file for import directly into an Airport's or Council's existing billing system with no deductions or collection fees.  The import process normally takes accounting staff around three minutes each month.

Aimm can provide invoice files in all the formats commonly used by Airport/Council billing systems. On initial installation, Aimm staff will liase directly with the account staff to make the process seamless.

Can it Bill Aircraft Parking Fees, Fuel purchases and other Ground Costs?

Yes. In addition to the Landing Fees, any charge incurred by an aircraft can be entered.e.g. when it is sold fuel or parking fees for overnight stays.

These miscellaneous charges will be imported into the airport's billing system along with the monthly import of landing fees.  A report shows 'hours on ground' and 'days on ground' before each takeoff, to help identify aircraft that could have incurred parking charges.


How does it Bill Landing Fees?

Aimm's method generates invoices on the Airport's own letterhead for payment directly to the Airport with no deductions or line charges.   We changed to this method after finding that pilots are much less likely to ignore (or challenge) an invoice on the Airport/Council's own letterhead.  Some pilots are reluctant to pay landing fees, especially if they suspect that a third party is 'clipping the ticket'.

Aimm produces the invoice file calculated using the Airport's own fee schedule and list of exempt / special price aircraft or operators.   Details are up-to-date with the latest CASA Aircraft Register in Australia, and the CAA Register in New Zealand.


Is Aimm Cost Effective?

Yes.  Movements by ADSB equipped aircraft are automatically entered by Aimm, within a few seconds of the aircraft shutting down at the gate. The remaining non-adsb aircraft are entered by having their radio calls transcribed by the Airport's own staff, or Aimm's Operators on their behalf.   When they enter the aircraft registration, Aimm looks up the price set by the Airport for its type, weight, or a specified rate (which can be $0) for particular aircraft.   If appropriate a special rate can be specified for the whole of an aircraft operators's fleet with automatic detection of aircraft bought and sold. 

Usually Aimm can provide a better service at a lower cost than older systems by making use of automated computer analysis, ADSB, and direct billing by the Airport/Council.   Aimm's many advantages over older methods of Fee Monitoring, are summarised in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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