Aimm monitors aircraft movements for Airports 24/7/365 and produces the reports they need for Landing Fees, Compliance, Risk Management, Incident Investigation and Complaint resolution.

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If your organisation owns any airport land in NZ, (even just a small rural airfield), you should have received this Safety Message issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)


If you've not received it, click on:


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Many smaller airfields have an Aero Club or Local Operator looking after the day-by-day running of the airfield, and some landowners assume that this absolves them of responsibility.    As Safety Officers know, that is not the case...  the land owner needs to know if the mix of activity changes, so they can ensure that procedures are reviewed and are still appropriate.   In event of an incident they need to be able to show hard evidence that this they are doing this.

Aimm provides the tools for monitoring H&S to around half the active airports / airfields in NZ, and many in Australia.    Contact us if you would like to discuss the current situation with one of our senior staff

ADS-B:   Aimm has a Mobile Device App, currently in final testing, that sends 'Approach Notifications' of arriving aircraft to selected staff and management in real time...  the actual situation rather than scheduled situation.  This allows airside staff to clear the gate or runway when (but not before) it is neeeded, reducing unproductive down-time and helping with Health-and-Safety.

It also gives a radar-like view of aircraft working the Airport to provide improved Situational Awareness for the Airport Operators, whether on or off the Airport.   The view is specific to the airport, and makes use of Aimm's historical data from the airport and its knowledge of the local conditions, to separate local traffic from those transitting past.
Voice Data:   It will be a long time before EVERY aircraft has ADS-B, so traditional voice-derived data will continue to be necessary as part of any practical monitoring or landing fee billing service.   Aimm merges the ADS-B Local Radar data seamlessly with Voice / Camera data into the management, safety and compliance reports to provide highly automated monitoring at lower cost than was previously possible.  

What services does Aimm provide for Airports? 

Aimm monitors ALL movements with better than 99% capture of every Takeoff, Landing, Touch-and-Go:
Landing Fees, Cost Effective Billing of Fees

ADSB, Reports, Statistics and full Data for effective management and reporting

Regulatory Compliance including CASA (Australia) and CAA (NZ) Part 139 Reporting

Risk Management, Health and Safety, Incident Investigation

Complaint Resolution and Noise Management

Funding for Airports, Revenue generation, Grant Applications, Airport Master Plans.

Advice, Consultancy, and 'Virtual Manager' Service for Small to Medium Airports.

Acoustic Consultants' Data... To assist Acoustic Engineers by providing the data they need.

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Aimm is an intelligent Cloud based system that handles billing of resident aircraft paying yearly bulk fees, special rates for particular operators, casual itinerant aircraft, and parking fees.
Clients include both ATC and non-towered airports with RPT, General Aviation and Recreational aircraft at Council owned and Privately owned airports, airfields, heliports and aerodromes.  

Clear Monthly reports with Accurate Statistics...

Aimm's software condenses your airport's data into clear monthly reports in a format that helps your management team see the wider picture for timely decisions. In event of a complaint or incident, your staff can listen to any radio call from 20 minutes ago to three years ago, from any internet connected computer... no need for a quick visit to the Airport to investigate a weekend incident.

Different sized 'Aimm' versions for different sized Airfields / Airports...

-- For small airfields Aimm's computer analysis of the radio calls produces high quality reports, almost untouched by human hands and hence very economically.
-- For medium or large airports, the choice of call transcription methods makes the Landing Fee billing more cost effective, and the invoices can be imported into the Airport's existing Billing system within 7 days of the end of each month.

'Better measurement for better Airports.'


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