Aimm: Newsletters

Aimm gets to see many situations that occur in the running of Airports / Airfields of various types... what worked well, and what did not.   We're happy to discuss with Airport Managers our experiences and, (while preservng confidentiality), the experiences of others.  This can take the form of a short chat at no charge, or a full paid consultancy with written report and recommendations or something in between.   Sometimes just bouncing ideas off someone else is all it takes to make the solution obvious.

These newsletters contain some of the tips, suggestions and 'war stories' from Aimm's many client airports / airfields across Australia and NZ, please read and enjoy... and if you have anything to add, let us know.

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Aimm's Services to Airports 

Aimm monitors ALL movements and reports more than 99% of Takeoffs, Landings, Touch-and-Goes. For...

Airside Personnel Tracker 

Airside Personnel Tracker, Who is Airside? Where did they go? When?

Landing Fees 

Landing Fees, Cost Effective Billing of Fees

ADSB and Reports 

ADSB, Reports, Statistics and full Data for effective management and reporting


Regulatory Compliance including CASA (Australia) and CAA (NZ) Part 139 Reporting

Risk Management 

Risk Management, Health and Safety, Incident Investigation

Complaint Resolution 

Complaint Resolution and Noise Management


Funding for Airports, Revenue generation, Grant Applications, Airport Master Plans.


Advice, Consultancy, and 'Virtual Manager' Service for Small to Medium Airports.

Acoustic Data 

Acoustic Consultants' Data... To assist Acoustic Engineers by providing the data they need.

Brief Details of Aimm 

Brief details of Aimm... How it works, What it costs.

Airport Manager Newsletters 

Newsletters for Airport Managers... Tips and discussions from other Airport Managers